Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The shape of the evening weather...

A long time ago (over 5 years ago), I got a bee in my bonnet about something I noticed with the weather in relation to when I wanted to go stargazing with my telescope. In short, there was a repeating pattern in the air pressure for Toronto that followed a 7 day cycle, which when graphed would show a "W" sort of shape.  

Speaking to some meteorologists, they would reply with "your data is wrong, how could the weather be following a man-made pattern?", whilst others (especially at universities and research institutions) were corresponding with me and saying "We aren't surprised - go find out more". 

Life keeps getting in the way, but tonight I quickly yanked down the data for Toronto from January this year to today, and I can still see the "W" shape when I average the 10PM kPa readings by day of the week.

Whilst this is not the full years worth of data, and this is not a highly scientific way of doing things, it was satisfying to see that there is still this "W" shape.  However, I have noticed that this "W" is a little lower in the middle than the previous shapes used to be, so (again, this is not very scientific) maybe there is a change in the weather this year from the previous averages? Alternatively, it could just be that I haven't crunched the entire year's worth of data.  Either way, I'm happy to see that something is still there as it means that it can still be observed and hopefully one day understood.