Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guns N' Media

Toronto has a gun problem.  It's not as big a problem as found in some cities around the world, but it's still a problem nonetheless.  Toronto also has gun solutions in action.  You might think that the two would attempt to cancel each other out? That the solutions would curb the problem until there is neither the problem or the need for the solution?  

There's a third element to take into account: The media.  You have the police, government and communities trying to address the problem, and the media is throwing fuel onto the fire belonging to the shooters camp.

See, what happens when the media gets involved is this cycle:

1.  Someone gets shot.
2.  The shooter's name gets pumped out by the media to the point that they're nearly a household name.
3.  Someone else sees this publicity and aspires to be as infamous as this shooter, so they plan to go out and shoot a rival gang member, or someone who's perceived to have wronged them.
4  Go back to step 1 again.

The media should have a name blackout for gun shooters in the city. By all means report the incident, but leave out the names.

It's not a secret that these people are notoriously bad shots and literally can't aim their guns at the intended targets to save their lives, so innocent bystanders often get caught up in this, Q.E.D.  

By removing the media bestowed glory that the shooters want to aspire to, the media will then allow the police and communities to play on a more level playing field.