Friday, December 28, 2012

What's Wrong With LinkedIn Endorsements

For the longest time, I've been on LinkedIn and had no issues with it.  Just recently, I started getting lots of emails from LinkedIn saying that certain people are giving me "Endorsements".  At first, I thought that this was rather nice, until I looked into it a little more.  What I found was interesting for all the wrong reasons.  

Imagine I have a connection in LinkedIn that is a neighbour.  I've never worked with them professionally, and we actually work in totally different fields.  Let's say that they're an EMS worker whilst I'm a programmer.  I get an email from LinkedIn saying that this person has endorsed my "Objective-C" skills.

The first problem with this is I doubt very much that this person would know what Objective-C is?  The second problem with this is how would they know that I'm any good at it?  

What appears to be happening is some form of automated popup is asking people for a single click to agree to something, and "Bob's your uncle", you've just been endorsed.  So what does that make the endorsement?  

In short, the endorsement is worthless. If the people making the endorsements aren't even qualified to make them, then when trying to assess how good someone is at something just became impossible if you take these endorsements into account?