Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A warped view of the Gardiner - Revisited

In a previous post, I had postulated why the Gardiner Expressway should by now be an undulating mess due to the reasons I pointed out.

It turns out that this already was a problem that occurred quicker than I had anticipated.

Source: Wikipedia
"The old bridge pillars, which were resting on soil, not on bedrock, had sunk by a metre, giving the eastbound Gardiner a roller-coaster ride or "Humber hump". The bridges and connecting roadways were replaced at a cost of $100 million. Fatal collisions had occurred at the location, including an August 13, 1995 incident where a speeding eastbound Corvette became airborne and collided with a vehicle in the westbound lanes, killing three persons.

Knowing this, I'd now say it's inevitable that the rest of it will be subsiding, given what land it sits on.