Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Engagement, or something else?

Social media is something that many people still don't understand.  This is especially true of the larger media companies where they often see social media as just an extension of the broadcast model.  Whilst their management understands that a lot of people are "on it", they don't understand the "social" point of it.

It all comes down to one word: engagement.

Engagement is a word that is regularly abused.  I know one office where the top management got "Engagement" and "Compliance" confused, leading to an "engagement strategy" to boost staff productivity that caused a "1984" style big brother screen to be mounted on the wall that "motivates" employees into having to work harder, and failure to meet goals and such is met with penalties.  As you can guess, engagement of that nature has led to unhappy workers and a high staff turnover.  

Social media engagement works in the same way:  If you want to build a successful social media presence for your brand with a loyal following, then social media is where you want to be, but ask yourself whether you are truly engaging with your followers, or doing something else entirely different?