Sunday, January 20, 2013

Klout Scores

Klout scores are a divisive subject; On the one hand, you have people who swear by them. On the other hand you have people who swear at them.  Some people will instantly point you to reams of research articles on why you shouldn't believe in the system, or why it's flawed, and then others will equally tell you about how they were vetted for employment according to their score.  

Personally, I sit on this one like I do a number of other subjects: If a lot of people believe in it, and if not participating could hurt future chances for successes, then I'll likely get with the system.  In other words, if enough people believe in it, then the score (regardless of the reasons against it) becomes real by default as it will affect my life if I don't have one.

Having gotten a Klout score, I keep a close eye on mine.  It's not so much that I fret much about where it is at, but more a curiosity of mine to reconcile what I've done and how that's affected my score... Cause and Effect, if you will.

Whilst I've never had the inclination this far to include or exclude someone based on their score, I do like to hear what other people think about this subject.  Being able to listen to their responses will normally tell you everything you need to know about their reasoning skills, and that's probably just as important as what their social media reach is.