Tuesday, January 15, 2013


One of the biggest irritations in my life is the scenario where someone asks me for my opinion on some matter, and when I'm in the process of giving it to them, they realise it differs from their opinion so they turn it into an argument where their opinion suddenly becomes an axiom in their world, and I'm a heretic of sorts.

Opinions are an interesting thing:  If you can have your opinion changed, does that mean you're weak minded, or does it mean you're adaptable to change in an ever changing world?  I think the latter.  If you can listen to new information and absorb it, you will then incorporate it into your opinion forming process.  As a result, you grow intellectually and that's a good thing. 

People who are unwilling to listen to other people's opinions normally stagnate.  This stagnation them leads to less people wanting to engage with them which then leads to a cycle where they're not being engaged and so they become even more set in their ways of thinking.

Conclusion:  Differing opinions are not necessarily wrong, but a reflection on the people who formed them.  If you're not willing to listen and reason, but choose instead to remain steadfast that you're always right, what does that say about yourself and your attidude?