Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doing what's right, versus doing what you can.

As you know, I have a little ongoing situation with Bell Canada, that started when I questioned why Yellow Pages (who didn't have my permission to use my data) wouldn't remove my info.

Recapping the situation thus far, having given out my information without my consent, Bell finally agreed to remove it from the one place I asked whilst waiving the previous $2/mo fee that they originally wanted for the privilege.

Last night, a representative of Bell Canada phoned me.  The conversation basically went like this:
Me) Can you please tell me who else you leaked my info to?
Bell) No.
Me) Why not?
Bell) Because the CRTC says that we're allowed to give out your information to third parties.
Me)  So, if a customer is explicitly requesting to know who you gave my info to, your company line is that a customer's request for privacy comes second place to the permission from the CRTC to give that information out?
Bell)  Yes.

At this point, I advised Bell that they're probably digging themselves into a $20,000/month reduction in revenue when I subsequently advise everyone I have influence over to drop Bell Canada as a service provider.  As you can guess, at this point it's becoming a matter of principal for me.  Bell has had two opportunities to do the right thing and so far have made a hash of both opportunities.

The moral stance that "doing what they can" trumps "doing what's right" is an abomination of customer service.  How this plays out next is in the hands of Bell, however, the damage to their reputation so far is already a done deal.