Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TTC Track Madness

This morning, this tweet caught my eye.

$104,727,250.54 for 800 metres of track?  

Let's do some math:
$104,727,250.54 / 800 =  $130,909.06 per metre.

A 2013 Rolls Royce Phantom in Canada costs $470,000.  At 5.834 metres long, it only costs 80,562.22 per metre.  At that price, you could build an 800 metre line of nose-to-bumper Rolls Royce Phantoms (totalling 137 cars), and it would only cost $64,390,000.  

That leaves you enough money ($40,337,250.54), to put a 1 ounce gold bar on each of four seats in every one of those cars, and (at $1600 per oz x 4 seats x 137 cars = $876,800) that still leaves $39,460,450.54.

At $200,000 a ticket for SpaceShipTwo flights on Virgin Galactic, you can then send the driver of every one of those 137 Rolls Royces ($200,000 x 137 = $27,400,000) on a trip into space and still have $11,960,450.54 left over.

That remaining $11,960,450.54 divided by 800 metres is still $14,950.56 per metre.  That is closer to the expectation of what construction costs should be.

Anyone that approves the original figure at the top of this article is clearly not doing so in the interests of the public, the taxpayer or according their fiduciary responsibilities.