Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vaccine Distribution Questions

Today in the news, there's talk of another possible flu pandemic, for the newly emerging strain H7N9.  As is often the case, it's coming from birds in China.  
You have to question where this is ultimately leading, as it looks like we're going around in circles here. 
You have 15 possible H’s (the proteins that stick the virus to the host) and 9 possible N’s (the stuff that aids in releasing the infection from the host), making only 135 possible combinations (H1N1 through H15N9). 
Now why is it I can 3D print a gun receiver over the web, but we don’t have a vaccine mixer that can be put in each City to mix up a batch of vaccines over the web, given this "known quantity" of possible permutations?
It would appear that all new flu's run like this:  First, the media hypes it, and then having hyped it to the point where the public is scared, we introduce the concomitant vaccine shortage.