Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ethical Shopping in Canada

I like to consider myself an ethical shopper.  

In my house, a number of brands are banned.  For instance, Nike, who as well as having been caught using child labour in the past, likes to sponsor what they consider "Role Models" such as Tiger Woods, who after everything he did was arrogantly used in this recent commercial.

Another brand that's banned is Victoria's Secret, due to the child labour cotton picking in Burkina Faso.  

Disney is just wrong on so many levels.  The "Princess" indoctrinations just drive me insane because people don't grow out of it…  Just listen to CNN anchors when there's royal wedding and you can't help but wonder what planet they're on.  Add in child labour and animal cruelty and you get the idea why I won't support them.

Now, I can add Joe Fresh to my list of banned brands because, Q.E.D, they source from dangerous factories that kill hundreds in one go.

The problem though is the average person isn't like me.  Sometime people just don't care, as long as it's cheap and affordable.  Other people can't tell where something came from.

And there lies the rub:  Why does Canada not have stipulations on imports being from responsibly run factories?  Or why don't companies like Joe Fresh (or it's parent company Loblaws) not go and check the factories where they make their things?  All the time Canada creates a market for dangerously made goods, other countries like Bangladesh will continue to supply that market.  

Canada needs to pull up it's socks and grow a spine over this:  400 dead people is not worth obtaining a $9 shirt.