Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Putting a back flow preventer on the internet - An update.

You may remember a previous technical article (here if you need it) where I tried putting a backflow preventer on the internet.  Well, whilst I slightly changed the end project before implementing it, last night it all ended in disaster.  

We had a heavy rain storm last night, and the sensor failed...  

The reason it failed was the whole assembly got submerged under water.  In short, the hole it was down (where it could ping the mainline back flow preventer with the IR sensor to see if the trap was up or down) filled up with water as the ground got overloaded with rainwater and the water table rose as a result.  This filled up the hole and damaged the sensor.

Probably time for a sump pump to be installed as well now.

$$$ - Ker-ching!