Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking the "social" bit out of social media

I was just looking at the @gmcanada twitter feed…

They aren't talking about a single customer's question or concern, which means this account amounts to nothing approaching two-way communication with the masses or "social media" as they're just treating it like a newspaper advert, or television - it's a one-way pipe of advertising for them.  

It's "media" as there's no "social" aspect to it.

People likely follow @GMCanada to be informed.  Guess how many of the GM recalls in recent history can be found on that account's twitter feed?  


You can be driving a recalled GM car and be following them on Twitter and they're not communicating with you the most important news you'd probably like to hear from them.

I have to ask myself what's the point in following an account like that?

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