Friday, May 10, 2013

Tallest Antenna, Structure, Building in Western Hemisphere

Today there was a story in the news about the spire being bolted onto the top of New York's One World Trade Centre.  Accompanying the structure topping process was a passel of incorrect media reports like the following:

Or this tweet from CNN....

Now, the argument about the world's "tallest structure" vs "tallest building" has been ongoing ever since the CN Tower was built.  It stands at 1815.4ft, which is considerably taller than the One WTC height of 1776 ft.

"Ah!" I hear you say, "But, you can't confuse what is essentially a TV antenna with a building!".  To that, I'd say you're correct - which is why the CN Tower says it's the tallest freestanding structure, because there are things taller than it already in the Western Hemisphere…  Take the USA's KVLY-TV mast… At 2063ft, this is very tall indeed… though it still pales considerably when compared to the Burj Khalifa (2722ft).

I have a feeling this jostling for second place in the Western Hemisphere is going to take a few weeks to work itself out…  In the meantime, I'm just going to sit back and watch the fireworks.