Tuesday, June 11, 2013

100 Posts

It was last September that I was stuck in a hospital looking at a sick baby who'd been sleeping for days on end, and I was getting really bored.  I'd already explored every nook and cranny of the room, the equipment, asked every question of the nurses and doctors, and had even seen an exhibition on the history of the hospital.

I was really bored.  So I started writing.  Unlike the last time I was blogging, I don't really have a theme other than "things I come across in daily life".  I wasn't actually looking to promote the blog in the beginning.  It was just my mind rambling on about the things I've seen and experienced, and what I thought of it.  

Now, I'm at 100 posts.  

What has changed since the beginning is I do a few things to drive traffic to the blog, such as stumbler posts, tweets, etc.  To start with, this didn't have that much of a measurable effect, but now it does.  

The biggest reason is critical mass - after about 70 posts, Google started to direct more search request results to my posts.  Now I'm at 100 posts, about 1/3rd of my traffic comes from organic searches on Google, the other 2/3rd's is blog promotion (which takes all of 30 seconds a day).  

Naturally, I am keeping a spreadsheet of daily totals and such, because I like to measure the effect of more content (tweaks and changes to layout is largely unproductive).  My main strategy is to take the raw visits per day and generate three moving averages on a 10 day, 20 day and 30 day cycle.  As long as my daily visits is over the 30 day moving average, then I'm doing fine.  Currently, I'm gaining about 5% a week, which doesn't sound like much, but then again, this is compounding every week.

At some point, I will do a proper breakdown on what I've done and give some proper numbers, but for now, I'm just looking to keep posting new content as I've discovered that I'm effectively banking the reasons for people to visit the blog.