Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Apple and Media Bias

Few things annoy me more than one-sided reporting...  One thing I'm particularly getting sensitive about is the reporting on Apple.  

It's getting out of control.

Take this article from the Ottawa Citizen, that I'm going to disassemble for you, and point out the flaws in the article:

It starts with this tagline:
"Company offers nothing new regarding iPhone, iPad or any 'game changers'"

But to contradict that tagline, it contains these sentences:

  • "iOS 7 - unveiled Monday at the company's annual developer conference"
  • "A new version of the company's desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, alongside refreshed laptop and desktop computers, was also revealed."
  • "It was enough for Apple's senior vice-president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller to exclaim "Lack of innovation my ass" on stage, as he unveiled an update to the Mac Pro - redesigned and much smaller version of its desktop workstation aimed at high-end audio, video and creative professionals, and the company's first update in nearly two years."
  • "Also unveiled were next-generation MacBook Airs - Apple's thinnest laptop - with next-generation Intel chips meant to improve performance while extending battery life by hours."
  • "But the biggest applause came for Apple's newest version of iOS, which boasts a completely redesigned user interface spearheaded by the company's vice president of industrial design, Jonathan Ive."
  • "Some of the operating system's new features include updates to Siri, Apple's voice-activated personal assistant; improvements to core Messaging, Calendar and Mail apps; and a new quick-access settings menu called Control Centre that is invoked with an upward swipe from the bottom of the screen."
  • "The company also detailed its long-rumoured streaming music product, iTunes Radio."
So a radically designed new OS for the mobile platform, a new OS for the desktop, a new radio service, a new desktop computer that's radically designed, a new generation of laptops and a suite of new iWorks (not mentioned in the article) is enough to justify the tagline "Company offers nothing new regarding iPhone, iPad or any 'game changers'"
Time to start getting news from a better source by the looks of it.