Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bell Canada, Yellow Pages Group And Your Data

I'm now into month four of my ongoing issue with Bell Canada and trying to find out who else they gave my information to besides Yellow Pages, and something interesting just turned up during a double-check of Yellow Pages and their processes.

You may remember that Yellow Pages said they wouldn't remove my details because it'd been handed to them by Bell Canada, and therefore Bell Canada would have to request the removal of my details on my behalf…  After much ado, Bell Canada put in the request to Yellow Pages to remove my details.  Yellow Pages said they would comply and at first it looked like they'd actually followed through with this request.

So, about that removal process….

When Bell Canada requested that Yellow Pages removes your data from a YPG site, it appears that YPG only honour the removal from the specific site that you request - and not other sites that Yellow Pages Group owns which Bell has allowed information to propagate into.  

For instance, I asked Bell Canada to ask YPG to have me removed from Canada411.ca, and YPG left me in 411.ca, which they also have their name on.

This process is clearly broken.

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