Thursday, July 11, 2013

CN Railway Did What?

I saw something very uncomfortable in the news here today.

In short, a 22 year old had a fatal vehicle collision with a CN (Canadian National) train, and whilst there was some injuries on the train, the only fatality was the 22 year old.  What happened next was CN decided that as it couldn't sue an adult who was dead, it would go for the mother.

Now, I'm in awe at the callousness, corporate greed and just plain bad public judgement that CN is displaying here.  If they're going for the mother of a dead adult, it's within the realms of possibility that had the mother been dead, they'd probably think it was fine to chase after the grandparents.  Or the family priest.  Or the neighbour's cat.  Oh, the cat is dead? Well, take action against the neighbour's cat's vet. 

CN's actions come across as plainly vile.  I'm really not impressed with their conduct, regardless how how inconvenient fixing a track was for them.