Monday, July 8, 2013

The icing on the cake with my CIBC farce

It's a good job I find this so comical.

A quick recap of the situation this far:
  • I wasn't receiving paper statements for a credit card (for like the umpteenth time).
  • I asked CIBC to move me to electronic ones, and after years of saying it wasn't an option, it now was an option.
  • CIBC put me over to Visa Card Services and they enabled electronic statements.
  • I later log into and of course, they'd accidentally enabled electronic statements for my chequing account, but the requested Visa account was not an available option.
  • I complain again to CIBC.  
  • CIBC says it's a problem on their end, and they will fix it.
  • I sit patiently waiting for yet another screw-up.

You'd think that at the end of this comical farce when the bank says they'll fix it, that my CIBC credit card statements would now be available on the requested account as electronic statements? Right?


Let me present the icing on this farcical cake.

Yes, amazingly, they'd enabled the previously missing account to now show up as an option, and somehow undid what Visa was supposedly doing in the first place, by turning off the electronic statements option in the process! 

In short: The one account that needed to be electronic was the one account that they'd knocked back to paper statements, and the one account that wasn't requested is the one account on electronic statements.

The good news was at least this time they've given me the option of fixing it myself through the website, but hopefully I've demonstrated why I previously said I dread dealing with CIBC when it comes to this type of thing.