Monday, July 22, 2013

The Royal Baby's World

Whilst the news today is going to be full of "important" questions, like what dress Kate wore to the hospital, or did William order wine/champagne to toast the arrival of their child, my mind turns to other things.

Today is a big day.  We find out who potentially is going to be on the throne 50 years from now.  Who is going to be leading the commonwealth.  Who's face is going to be on stamps and banknotes around the world.

Or is it?

Prince William was born in 1982.  That's the year that the world got to grips with the Compact Disc.  As everyone proclaimed back then, the world was now "Digital"…  This is the first time someone in line to the monarchy has been born since the Internet was created.   Today, we're in a much more "digital" world than we were in 1982, but we now realise that we've a long way to go and things are radically changing.

By the time this baby grows up and eventually has to sit through "Zadok The Priest" in front of the world, the technology of the day will be nothing like we can even dream of now.  Quite likely, the world will be watching from the audience when someone realizes that the current way of doing television is still tied to the Pathé-esque style of having cameras at certain points to deliver a story, with some twit rambling on telling us exactly what we already know and can see for ourselves.  (What the viewer really wants to experience is "What would it be like if I was at the coronation?" - but the media hasn't got their head around that yet)….  But I digress…

The only thing we can say with any degree of certainty is that any technology that we have now which survives that long will be delivered differently.  We're seeing it with media where the creation side is battling the distribution side, but the really big battle I think will be healthcare…

The idea that 50 years from now, we're going to go to a pharmacy and buy a small quantity of tablets/ointment that targets a problem in the same way for you as it does for everyone else on the planet is, to me, "quaint" at best…  Sure, the drugs companies will still be the creators, but the distribution will have totally morphed in a three stage process:
1) The drugs delivery will go digital.
2) The drugs will get customized to best fit your body type, race, haplogroup, etc, profile.
3) Someone will think to aggregate these digital assets and become the new Netflix of drugs.

"Based on your previous use of a statin, we suggest new "lipovoid" to help you wean yourself of foods high in cholesterol!"

Whatever the sex of this new royal baby, the real excitement is still over what will be happening by the time it's ready to rule.