Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Toronto Fire Trucks

Something I have never understood in Toronto is fire truck sirens.  

The average fire truck siren here appears to be about 115db (+/- 10db) from what I can tell.  It's plenty loud enough, to the point that even if you were deaf, you'd still feel the vibrations going through your body.  Despite this, almost every few days I encounter a fire truck that has to employ a secondary klaxon horn because someone isn't responding to the primary siren.

Without wanting to sound racist, sexist and anything else equally bad, it's usually young people from certain ethnicities that act like they can't hear the siren (often without earphones in), who nonchalantly start crossing the road when the fire truck is about 60ft away and bearing down fast on the intersection with sirens blaring.

Can someone explain this?  Is this small group of people just clueless, or is this a deliberate cultural show of defiance?