Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Toronto Storm - Dealing with the 311 basement flooding people...

When you deal with the City Of Toronto about basement flooding, this is the usual procedure.

1)  You get flooded.
2)  You call 311 and report it.
2-Optional) You call 311 and they tell you to call back from your home.
3)  You wait around for someone to come and look at the flood damage.
4)  They fill out a form that goes to the city, and they leave you the same flooding information package that they left you the last time they came to look at the same flooding problem.

I've largely given up reporting basement flooding, as it's largely a waste of time for me.  If they had a web site where I could fill this out, I'd be more likely to do so, but hanging around on the phone for ages only to be told that you have to call back from the affected property is not a productive use of my time, because the same answers apply regardless of if I'm standing in my basement, or it's the next day and I'm calling from my office.

However, last night we (my better half) hung on the phone and reported it as it happened...

Tonight, two men came and looked at the basement.  Well, I say "looked at it" ... they took one look at one single room, asked no questions, didn't follow the water source or view the water destination, etc, just walked back outside and started filling in their form.

But, I had a question: I wanted to know something about what they thought of the water table raising 18+ inches when only 3 inches fell.

If you ever want to see a city worker flip out and get argumentative and start saying "Go ahead and sue the city, but don't bring me or my opinions into this", this is apparently the question to ask.

He quickly jumped in his van with his attendant, saying "I'm on your side!" before pulling away...

Now, I did not expect that.