Friday, August 16, 2013

Choices - They're Not Always What They Seem

One of the bigger things I've come to examine in my life is the idea of "choice".  We're faced with many choices each day, and sometimes we seem to subconsciously choose things that are not necessarily in our best interests and other times, we think we've got a choice, but really it's not the choice you first believed you had.  

For example:  A well known burger chain advertises itself with the slogan "Have it your way".  This implies you have a choice on how you want your burger to be by adding what you want to it.  

The reality is actually the opposite: You don't get to choose what to add - instead you have a finite number of options that have been pre-chosen and you can either to have everything that they have already stipulated, or you can have your choice by omitting items from the predetermined list.  

From the burger chain's viewpoint this is a great strategy because they still charge you the same amount, regardless of the numbers of omissions in toppings.  Another way of looking at this, is you can buy a car that's fully loaded, or you can choose to not have certain features.  This ability to opt out of having everything by default is always called "Options" in the car industry.  

When you look at it this way, you see that the pop-star who had 3 inch thick carpet and leather made from elves ears put in their car, is the only person that really had a choice.  

Everyone has a set menu and can only opt to remove things from it.... So you really do not "have it your way" like you thought you had.