Monday, August 26, 2013


Traditionally, your environment was a physical place where you lived, worked and played.  Where you met friends, learned new things and above all, socialized with other people in a way that you were accountable to your peers.

These days, we have two environments:  The physical one, and the online one.  Just like the physical environment, this is a place where you live, work and play.  Where you meet friends, and learn new things.  The problem right now is some people think that they can socialise with other people in a way that is not accountable to their peers.

As humans, we have a rather fatal flaw in that every time we get together in large numbers, spite and hate will inevitably raise it's ugly head.  This is why in the physical world, we have laws, police, and governments.  In the physical world, any wrongdoing is corrected in a physical way - you're locked up, or have privileges taken away.  

Now compare that to the Internet, where borders are transcended.  The biggest thing with the Internet is there is no law.  There is no government.  Even physical governments get tangled up when trying to work out when a person in one country who is not of that country's nationality does something to someone in a third country, and they try to work out who's law is supposed to be used.

The solution is simple, and this is going to spill over to the physical world at some point:  You give everyone a unique certificate that identifies them only, and without it, you can't access services. This is, after all, how the Internet fundamentally works.  Your IP address is unique to your session.  There is only one in the world.  

This will have to spill over into the national government system at some point. In the same way you have a physical passport, you will need an Internet equivalent.  

The billion dollar question though is who's going to be responsible for issuing this, and policing it.