Monday, August 19, 2013

From Hierarchies To Networks

If you look back to the timeframe from 1985 to 2005, many radical changes happened.  We went from analog to digital (bringing us CD's, the Internet, DVD's, online streaming video, digital communications networks, etc) and we also broke down most hierarchies in our lives and replaced them with meshes or networks.

Whilst everyone understands what the former has left us with (YouTube, Skype, iTunes, etc), the latter is a bit more subtle… until someone points it out to you, then it becomes screamingly obvious:  Most places that failed to "flatten" their hierarchy and turn it into a network has become viewed by the general public as the following:
  • Slow moving/cumbersome
  • Not as well respected as they once were
  • Unable to keep up with the man on the street
  • Likely to become extinct.
This pretty much applies to government, banks, telcos, and so forth.  

Does it apply to you?