Friday, August 9, 2013

GCHQ Tempora Didn't Help Hollywood or the Music Industry

There's an irony to the revelation about the GCHQ and how it's "Tempora" program worked, because indirectly it gave Hollywood and the Recording Industry a way to test national surveillance for downloading torrents whilst simultaneously shooting their own arguments in the foot.  

On the one hand, Hollywood and the Music Industry has been telling us that over half the Internet data is illegal torrents containing their material, and have wanted ways to monitor this.  On the other hand, it turned out that GCHQ has been monitoring Internet data, and the first thing it filters out is torrent data.

This apparently only reduces the data by 30%.

Now we finally have an actual figure, from a credible government source, taken from real public data, this should be all over the news.  Of course, it's not in the interests of the old media to acknowledge their previous figures were over-inflated, so they're being pretty quiet about it.