Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How Eroded My Trust

Yesterday, I went to, to search for something.  When I got there, I saw this location magically appear.

This was quite disconcerting for me, as I was sitting at a desk in Toronto when this came up.  Further, I'd cleared my browser cache some hours earlier, and this is the first time I'd been to this site in several months.  The icing on the cake was this is a location I went to once... some three weeks earlier.  I stopped there for 15 minutes at a gas station to take a leak.

The question became how did FutureShop know about a place I was in for 15 minutes three weeks ago?  The obvious answer is it got the information from my Google profile - I had pulled up Dundalk on Google Maps on my iPhone - and now I was at work and signed in to Google, FutureShop had snaffled my info.

And there's the rub:  
Usually, you're asked if you want to share your location information.  If they'd have asked me, I would have probably have said "Yes" and they'd have my real location.   Regardless of intent, they didn't ask me and took a wild/stab-in-the-dark guess, which is wholly inaccurate. Q.E.D.

This now begs the following question:
What else has and anyone else not asked for, but then incorrectly guessed from sources that I've not agreed to share?