Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Supermarket Pricing Errors...

As men go, I'm probably not your average shopper - especially in supermarkets.  When I was younger, I spent many years working in one - and I have both a critical eye, as well as an understanding of the processes and responsibilities.

After I'd worked up from gathering trolleys, packing bags, stacking shelves, etc, I spent a while doing ticketing and pricing when my stint as a butcher was over.  As a result, I often see this type of error which has not been caught...

Here's a Swiffer pad ticket.  Note to the right of the barcode, the small text.  It says: 
"8.990 per 1EA" meaning "$8.99 per 1 piece"... 

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This is highly inaccurate.  $8.99 divided by 12 items in a pack = $0.749 Each.

Here's the next item:  A 24 pack at $14.99 with "14.990 per 1EA".   

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This should clearly be:  "0.624 per 1EA" as it's $14.99 divided by 24.  
All they've done is put the price of the entire box there. 

I look out for this type of thing because I like to save money, and when making a purchasing decision I usually go for bulk/jumbo sizes over small sizes because I save money in the long run.  

However, when I see something like the above, I have to shake my head.