Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Lack Of Science Behind The UK Badger Cull

Sometimes, I get very angry with Government - regardless of if we are talking the UK one I grew up with, or the current Canadian one that I live with.  Always, I get mad because they're doing something stupid.

I don't get angry when there's a difficult situation and difficult choices to be made.  I get angry when there's a relatively simple choice and they take the wrong one for all the wrong reasons. The current badger cull situation in the UK is one such choice.

If you research the history, the UK government commissioned the "Krebs Report" where they did a trial cull of badgers and determined that killing badgers doesn't actually help the Bovine Tuberculosis ("BTB") situation.  Some deer also carry TB, but we are not out culling those in their thousands.  Additionally, a simple look at badgers and BTB correlation found Scotland has no BTB but does have badgers, whilst the Isle of Man has BTB and no badgers.  The evidence this far is clearly stacked that BTB and badgers are not linked in any major way - even by the governments own "Krebs report".

The UK government went ahead with the cull anyway.  To boot, it has clearly stated it will not be testing the cull scientifically - meaning the slaughtered badgers are not even tested to see if they had Tuberculosis in the first place.

My conclusion here is that science and fact has not been used to start this cull, and therefore the government is ill advised to carry it on, and equally wrong to justify this cull using "facts" when they are actually ignoring the facts.  Throw in that they're not recording TB metrics on the slaughtered animals and this is just one very dark day for the UK government.  

The only cull I support is the one that happens at the next election.