Friday, August 23, 2013

The Star's Paywall - Revisited...

You may remember the other day that I posted about the paywall at The Star, and how I'd found it easily circumventable.  Long story short, a subsequent tweet on Twitter that it'd still not been addressed caught the eye of The Star.

They asked the question as follows:

The first inconsistency comes from The Star asking about 10 free articles per day, when the paywall message says "10 free articles this month". 

Regardless, as I write this, I'm probably somewhere closer to 50 free articles at this point.

So, to document a little more, here's some information for their benefit, which won't fit in a tweet.  Having already documented that I exhausted my "10 free articles a month" previously, I went back to the site and poked around a bit more.

This is  (click to zoom) is how I did a test just now.  I stopped at 12 articles because there's no point in continuing...  12 is more than 10, so it didn't stop where it was supposed to, regardless of whether we're talking 10 per day or month.

The biggest issue with this is whilst the nag screen comes up sometimes, you can dismiss it and after it's taken you to the front page again, you just click a new section title and jump into the articles again.

So, hopefully The Star has a better grip on what I was saying before.

And because they're going to want this, here's something for their benefit:
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