Friday, August 2, 2013

Unnecessary Delays On The TTC Subway

Today there was a subway delay due to "an unauthorized at track level".  Quite what this means is anyone's guess - but then clarity isn't a strong #TTC trait.  All we do know for sure was something is on the track that shouldn't have been - whether it was a suicidal person, a piece of junk on fire, or some random animal that escaped from the zoo.

The thing that irks me is this is usually a totally avoidable situation - just put barriers up.  Given the rate of suicides is not really tapering off, I still think it makes more sense to protect what is currently broken, than expand an unsafe subway system.  

There's 67 subway stations, so at $10m a station, that's only $670m to fix the problem and stop people dying on our tracks and clogging it up with fiery litter and "unauthorized's" - whereas all the politicians are trying to score points on something that's over the billion dollar mark.

Meanwhile, people continue to jump on the tracks, litter gets on the tracks and causes fires, and the city suffers in the form of time lost to preventable delays.

It just doesn't make sense to me.