Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bell Canada's Resolution To Runaway Data Issues

So my ongoing data privacy issue with Bell Canada is now in month six.  Here's where we stand, having gone simultaneously through customer service, and the privacy office:

1. Bell Canada is admitting that it has leaked my information to Yellow Pages Group, knowing that YPG is further disseminating it to other subsidiaries and sites that are not under any agreements with Bell, and whom I have no wish to have my personal details on.

2.  Having asked Bell Canada to request YPG to remove my information from their sites, Bell acknowledges that YPG, whilst saying its removed my data is actually holding on to it still and still offering it up on other sites to which Bell Canada now washes its hands of responsibility on.

3.  Bell's best effort at a resolution is not either of the two items I first raised with Bell Canada's customer service in March, being:
A) I want an exhaustive list of everyone that Bell Canada gave my information to.
B) I want cooperation from Bell Canada in getting YPG to remove all my data that it has - in all it's subsidiaries.

Most surprisingly, the final solution that Bell Canada has for its victims in a runaway data privacy issue is to advise the customer to go and do their own detective work to find out what other unknown sites and companies this data may have ended up with as a result of Bell Canada passing on my information, and deal with them directly.

Needless to say, I've advised Bell Canada that this is not a resolution.