Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Rogers Escalation Procedure Meltdown

As many people know, I have an issue with Rogers that has been festering for a long time, and as it's festered, it's grown.

There are now three departments who know I am a customer with troubles, and I want to escalate:

  • The Credit Recovery Department.
  • The Twitter team
  • The Office of The President.
So far, this has been met with "we will have someone contact you" and nothing happens.  I've even told the twitter team in real-time that I was walking over to their lobby at 333 Bloor and how to find me, and whilst they happily dealt with every other customer, after one hour they had failed to locate a single person who could deal with a customer complaint, Q.E.D., as I left their HQ in the same state as I arrived - with an unresolved complaint. 

The Credit Recovery Department was a joke when they were calling about a 27 day old bill.  They couldn't escalate and said they'd leave a message for someone to contact me the next day at 8am.  That was definitely the biggest over-promise/under-deliver I've seen from them as we're now 6 days down the road.

So when I say my problems have festered and grown, I mean that even the escalation procedure itself has been proven to be so broken that this is now an additional item I wish to raise with them, in addition to the original issue which has so far taken 2 years to remain unresolved.

To see a glaringly obvious example of the underlying problem, take a look at this leadership page at Rogers.  Note that there are people responsible for regulations, people responsible for information, for technology, for legals, even for strategy.  Now, without customers there would be no company, but there's nobody who responsible for customers.

Luckily, for me a new iPhone has just come out and I'm going to upgrade in a few weeks when the queues die down and the supply sorts itself out.  Rogers should understand that if it wants another $2000 out of me to have that serviced by Rogers, they will need to have someone able to fix my issue, then be seen to be doing something to make sure that others don't experience what I have.