Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why I See Native Advertising As Bad

Digital advertising is something that I really take an interest in. Given that everywhere I go I'm being pitched at and attacked to ultimately decide a certain way to vote, or purchase a certain product, or allow someone to do something that others may find objectionable, coupled with the fact i program things - this is probably not a surprise to you.

I read a lot of digital publications, too, and I'm not afraid to admit that I look at the types of advertising and layouts of the pages and I judge these publications accordingly.  So, it's also probably not surprising that I have something against native advertising in the forms I've seen it so far.

If you're not aware of Native Advertising, it's an advert that reads and looks like real journalism the style of the host publication - indistinguishable like a television informercial looks on QVC, for instance.

Whilst the click-through rates are higher and the engagement is more solid than traditional digital ads, it's also tricky to the consumer to work out what is proper research-backed journalism and what is a three page advert until you get to the "call to action" part of the story.

If I cannot see a clear demarcation between advert and content, that means the usefulness and trust of a site is diluted.  If a site's trust and usefulness  is diluted, I will not go there as much.

For this reason, I see native advertising as a scourge.