Friday, October 18, 2013

Awareness and Priorities

There's currently a culture of having weeks, days or months dedicated to raising awareness of certain causes, but this culture has inadvertently allowed society to conveniently put pressing issues back on the shelf when the day, week or month is over.

It's almost like the act of having a day to raise awareness of, say, the WHO mental health initiative (Oct 10) is enough of an effort that the issue can and should packed away on October 11th for the next 364 days.  People seem to be actually proud of having the one day and don't see a need to keep things at the fore-front.  

This month is Black History month and we see the same phenomenon here. The TV shows and documentaries are brought out and put on parade to make each channel look like they're participating, then it gets put away again for another 11 months.

The problem with this approach is the underlying issues that these causes are trying to raise don't get fixed in a day, week or month.  So, they get talked about once a year, then they're conveniently shelved until the next year.

Call me a cynic but we've got bigger awareness of "Shark Week" than we do of many other pressing issues in society.

It seems that we've got our priorities wrong, and the media isn't actually helping matters here.