Friday, October 18, 2013

Escalating when CIBC drops the ball.

So a quick update on the Interac farce at CIBC.

As you know, I pinged CIBC about this yesterday:

Naturally, nobody at CIBC communicated acknowledgement that they were looking into it, or even considering fixing the issue.  Then this morning, I get a note from the University of Toronto that they got another two invites.

(Click Image for Original)

Just out of curiosity, I gave the authorisation to see if it worked.  Of course it did.  As shown here:

So, now, what CIBC said had not gone through (i.e. $0) has left me $750 down in my account, $250 I assume is at Interac and the recipient now has to fire back $250 of the $500 they have cos they have twice what they needed, and CIBC still wants to exact charges on me to fix this?

So, given CIBC has dropped the ball yet again, I'm now bringing this farce to Interac's attention.