Friday, November 29, 2013

Consumerism Gone Bad

I have a distaste for rampant consumerism.  Easter to me isn't all about chocolate... Christmas isn't all about presents... Yes, I get called a Scrooge because of this.

I also hate crowds.  I fully subscribe to the model that you should never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups. Anything from mob-rule to misplaced high-jinks can (and does) cause danger.  Add in the "stand-in-a-stupid-place brigade" (they congregate in big groups at tops/bottoms of escalators or shopping centre doorways) and you can rule out any chance of me liking crowds at shopping centres.

I don't mind a sale though, and will often hold out on major purchases until I see them at a price I'm willing to pay.  However, I'm totally in awe at the latest hashtag on Twitter today for #walmartfights, showing just how far things can be taken.

People need to get a grip on themselves - it's not worth setting yourself up for a lifetime of medical issues cause you injured yourself trying to get an LCD TV that you will be replacing again in another ten years or so.

It's at moments like this that humanity just makes me throw my hands up in the air.