Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fixing another CIBC issue with Mint

In a previous post I had mentioned how my experience with CIBC went with trying to get credit card statements emailed to me.  Their interpretation of "Oh, yes, we can email statements" was putting it on their website where I then had to go and log in to see it.  That was not what I was asking for.  

Well, I finally found a solution to get around the bank.

Intuit has a product called Mint. (  You create an account there, tie it back to your bank account and voila! Everything the bank says they can do but didn't, or say can't be done for security reasons, or whatever other excuse they can muster, is suddenly available.

Upside:  It's free, and you can tie in multiple accounts from multiple banks to get a better overview of where you are financially.

Downside:  There's a few areas where it tries to upsell you into switching credit cards.  I just ignore that.  Also, it has a habit of emailing you five times or so, right out of the gate as you sign up. Having signed up, it then quietens down on the email front.  Also, you're sharing your information from a privacy standpoint.