Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In denial, or just deluded?

I am often intrigued by the way people behave and think.  Last night I was in a bar and a debate about Toronto and Mayor Ford broke out.

I was telling how I'd read on Bloomberg that his shenanigans was pushing up the cost of the bonds that Toronto has coming due around 2021 by four basis points.  One of the guys at the table didn't believe it. So, I found the Bloomberg article using my phone and put it in front of him.

He didn't want to see it.  Then claimed it was all lies.

Oddly, whilst my available proof was discounted, a claim from the same guy later was predicated on the fact that some outrageous claim about the mayors wonderful powers of finance can't be disproved and therefore it has merit.

The burden of proof is a dangerous thing in arguments like this. As an example, I can say something really silly like "orbiting the sun are elephants that sing about spaghetti" and then claim that because you can't prove this to be false, it must be a valid statement.

I never studied psychology at school, but this type of behaviour does intrigue me.  Further, I see a lot of people like this and they all seem to follow a similar life path and experience similar outcomes.

I don't know if they're genuinely in denial.  I do know I want to look into this further though.