Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Microsoft Debacle - Continued...

Previously, I detailed how difficult it was to get Microsoft to take my money so I could get a full copy of Windows 8.1 on my Mac under Parallels.  

Eventually, I hauled myself out of my office and down to Best Buy.  My logic being that if Microsoft won't take my money, Best Buy surely would.  I checked the Best Buy website to make sure they had what I wanted in stock before I left the office.  

As you can guess, I came back empty handed.  

The reason for this is they appear to be reporting the number of display cards hanging on the shop floor rack, which has no bearing whatsoever on the number of physical boxes out the back.  

After much ado, I did manage to find a "download" option on the Canadian store.  I paid my money and I waited.

After a while, the email arrived to confirm the purchase, and I logged into my Microsoft Store account page.  There under downloads was Windows 8.1.  

Halleluja, right?  Wrong!  Guess what the download is?  Instead of an ISO disc image, it's a Windows setup executable that you run under Windows to setup the full OS.  

Obviously, this isn't the full version I paid for, that I can boot under Parallels, because I need to install Windows first, in order to run this.

So, I'm now back up the proverbial creek without a paddle, having paid for software that can't be installed until the accompanying DVD arrives in the mail.

Why must this be so difficult?