Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Physics of Personal Growth

We all know that time marches on. What also marches on is the process of gathering data from our life experiences.

This process has an observable side-effect in that you might find one in one stage of your life that you look up to certain people and their knowledge and wisdom, and think it's cool. However, in a later stage of your life you realise that whilst your experience and thirst for life has allowed you to progress and form new opinions and update/remove old prejudices and paradigms, these other people sometimes haven't done the same.

This makes those you looked up to eventually appear like intellectual dinosaurs, narrow-minded bigots, or worse.

This got me thinking...  The first paragraph of this article draws a similarity between two things marching on, but there's something else; Einstein pointed out that time is not the same for everything as it's relative to the circumstances of the observer and the observed.

It struck me that the process of gathering information and growing from experience is the same.

The only variable affecting time is velocity, but what I can't reconcile in my head is what's the variable affecting your data gathering process?

Is it how open-minded you are?
Is it how varied your life is?
Is it who you associate with?

I don't know the answer, but it has just intrigued me.