Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why won't you take my money?

So yesterday, I decided that it would be really handy to put Visual Studio on my Mac.  This of course, meant I needed to get Windows on my Mac, and then some virtualization software (Parallels, etc) to run it without rebooting.

Parallels I know I could get easily.  Windows on the other hand turned out to be impossible.

This is the "Buy Windows" page at Microsoft.

If you look down this page, there's nowhere to actually click and say "Take my money and give me Windows".  Instead, there's links to hardware that come with Windows pre-installed.

A quick chat with the online sales support didn't help either, so I put out a note on Twitter for @MicrosoftStore explaining that I'd hit their "Order Prevention Desk" again (a frequent occurence - try phoning a Microsoft store and ordering a PC Kinect Sensor and saying you'll be in to pick it up as soon as they have it in stock - this couldn't be done, either).  

Whilst I was then waiting for Microsoft to find out how I can buy Windows online, I went about installing Parallels.  Having downloaded the trial, there was a link to install Windows 8.1...  What I failed to notice is it's the preview - not a trial...  This means after waiting an aeon for it to arrive, I can't activate it or install the software I wanted to use anyway.

This means I'm back to where I started.  If Microsoft can't take my money, then I'll have to just take some time off work to go to Best Buy and purchase a physical DVD, but this really shouldn't be necessary in this day and age.

Why is it always so difficult to get Microsoft to take my money?