Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is a good Klout score important?

My Klout scout is not impressively high, but I do pay attention to it to stay above the average (depending on which Klout page you ask, it's either 20 or it's 40). I normally wobble along in a band between a score of 56 and 60.  People sometimes ask if Klout scores are important?  My answer is still what it's always been, which is "If people externally are judging me by a score, then that score becomes important".  However, this is not to say that I obsess about it.

But, my answer is about to change: it's still going to be deemed important to me to keep an above average score, but for new reasons.

One of the shifts that has been underway for a while is to get brands and marketing out of the "Coca Cola" sized global reach initiatives and back to the community.  You see this in some big brands like McDonalds who are now going to great pains to drop their American-Only image of the 80s and 90s and become identifiable with their host countries. They're trying to say in Canada that they're 100% Canadian, which is markedly different from Other American brands which address us like they're shouting over the garden fence (the USA/Canada border) with "Hey, Canada! Check out the new Ford <model>", or Burger King's irritating "Have it your way, Canada" slogan.

Smaller brands (National and provincial level and smaller) are taking this a step further by "embracing the fandom".  This is something that will likely get to take off in a much bigger way in a year or more from now, but the seeds are sown already.  Basically, it's a re-hashing of "word of mouth" philosophies, but online. So now we can come back to the Klout score.

Having a higher score will become important, not because I want to be a "fan" or ambassador of a brand - I want it so I can be taken seriously when that brand needs to fix something that affects me.

In short, it's a type of online insurance because big business is less likely to ignore a person with an engaged audience.  A public that giveth can taketh away too.

That's why the Klout score will remain important.