Monday, December 23, 2013

Live and Learn - Don't just live

The Toronto ice-storm of December 2013, whilst very inconvenient, has proven to be a valuable exercise in emergency planning.  Nothing helps you find problems like a good 40 hour (and counting) shake-down of your emergency plans. 

What I learned in 2003 was that on top of electricity, you can’t depend on your water in Toronto - once the pumping stations run out of backup power, you run out of water.  So, I’m well stocked with water, beyond the 72 hour recommendation period.  I also made sure the next house we bought had gas in the kitchen, so we can heat food indoors.  Once the power comes back on, and the cleanup of trees is over, I will be re-jigging the emergency plan.  

It’s only by living through an emergency and testing your prepared plans that you get to see what is wrong - and if you don’t fix things for next time, then what have you learned?