Thursday, December 19, 2013

Social Media and Self Censorship

One of the basic tenets of social media is sharing.  Sharing information.  Sharing emotion.  Sharing whatever is on your mind. However, there is still a filter that needs to be applied sometimes.

It's not always obvious what you should or shouldn't share, and there are some people out there who are clueless, however, there are a good number of people who practice self censorship - where they type something then edit it before hitting the burton to release it.  It is this information that Facebook has lately being trying to harvest.

That concerns me.

Imagine what other tech might think of pulling the same trick...  Imagine your phone is recording all those times you enter a phone number but don't hit the dial button?

There's a reason we self censor - to add context, clarity, etc. The last thing we want is unclear, erroneous or out of context information being used to quantify and qualify our behaviours.