Monday, December 16, 2013

The disappearing postman...

The recent announcement from Canada Post, that they're stopping door to door delivery is something that really has gotten me thinking.

It's been a number of years since something that is supposedly integral to the community has disappeared, the last one I remember was the milkman in the 1980s.  However, I do remember the switchover because it's not just the one core service that disappears, but other things (good and bad) change with them.  As the milkmen disappeared, "Neighbourhood Watch" schemes popped up more frequently.  The milk moved to the supermarket, the "Christmas Club" hampers went to mail order, frequently through the newspapers.

So what changes with the disappearance of the postman? Well, first my lawn will be happier.  So, too, will my mailbox.

The amount of junk mail we receive is absurd - and when you consider most of our bills are now electronic, you have to question the value that the mail service brings.  Add in the fact that they are paid to dump this rubbish on me, and I'm then paying the city to take it away, and I'm really quite glad that this will be dumped at some community box - that'll fill up long before I go and empty it.

The big thing is I can use Canada Post as a stick to now get everyone else to send to me electronically.  I can tell people to email me bills or they won't be received.

This means we save the environment, save time, save money and everyone is happy.  Except for those who haven't moved over from mailing bills to sending them electronically, who are now hitting the postal version of Y2K.

I for one will be happy to dump this service.