Tuesday, December 24, 2013

When it counts, watch your suppliers.

It's when it really counts in a crisis that you can see the mettle of a person or organization.  Those who follow me on Twitter will remember when I pointed out 24 hours after this ice storm the @Bell and @Bell_Support accounts hadn't posted a single thing to tell people how to report downed phone lines, disconnection issues, etc.

For an organization that bills itself as the national carrier and part of the community, this advertised to people that either they didn't view urgent customer communications and advice as a priority, or they'd were unable to keep their own house in order to get messages out (99% uptime?).  

Looking to the competition, the likes of Rogers were advising people throughout the entire ordeal on a regular basis...

That speaks volumes.

you may not have to like either (I don't!), but it pays to take note of who is more likely to be communicating with you in a crisis.