Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Adsense anomaly - it pays more for less visits?

As you can see, I run Adsense on my blog.  It doesn’t earn me tonnes of cash, but I do monitor it on a daily basis to work out my own personal revenue scores (CPM and the like).  Through this process, I’ve noticed an anomaly:  

If I post new content and get more visitors, I make less money per day than if I have less visitors who only come from organic searches in Google…

Put another way (the numbers are made up to illustrate the point):
Imagine I post new content on one day.  Imagine I get 100 visitors from twitter, Facebook, etc, and I get 20 visitors from Google searches.  On that day, imagine Adsense pays me 2 cents.  Next, I don’t post anything for three days - on these days, I only get the 20 visitors from Google searches, and yet Adsense pays me 40 cents per day.

The number of visitors from Google is the same, the only fluctuation is a result of whether I promote on social media or not - yet the revenue is consistently more if I don’t promote?