Thursday, January 16, 2014

On re-discovering old music

When I was a young kid in the late 1970s, the UK was not exactly the most inspiring place to be for a kid, but we had good music.  There was Glam Rock, Ska, New Wave was kicking off, and there was still rock n roll.  The problem is that I was too young to understand a lot of what the music was about.

I've spent a number of years now going back through this music and trying to put context around it - so it's more than just a collection of good songs.  The result is I've a bit better understanding of the strife that the older generations were going through.

Whilst a lot of the music is thoroughly depressing (unemployment, financial issues, strikes, yobs and youth disillusionment), 
some of the themes have since disappeared (all those nuclear related songs for example), but the bulk of the same issues still exist today, though caused by new forces that didn't exist then.

It's been a very rewarding experience, and I thoroughly recommend people go back through old music and give it another listen.  

You might learn something.

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