Friday, January 17, 2014

The deterioration of the Huffington Post

I keep my eye on many news sources, and sometimes this includes the gutter press tabloids and other less credible organizations (Fox, RT, etc).  I've noticed in recent years many organizations that previously appeared somewhat professional, and now they don't.  

Today I spotted this little chestnut from Huffington Post UK...  

This is not the first time either, that I've seen the HuffPo get really unprofessional...  I normally see something questionable at least every other day, and sometimes more frequently than that.   

HuffPo already has public image issues due to the nature of the publication and how it gets it's news (there's no reporters in war zones, on the ground where news happens, etc), and they continue to aggregate (in other words leach off the work of the real journalists) news and feed it back to you like they investigated and wrote a legitimate story - which they didn't.

At least in those days they were trying to appear like a legitimate news source...  Now, however, this has changed and not for the better.